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Our financial services segment caters to secure the financial future of individuals by understanding their needs, setting objectives, recommending and executing solutions that suits their risk appetite and achieves the goal. We assist them in areas like financial and tax planning, children's future solutions, wealth with protection solutions, health and wellness solutions, and retirement solutions. We assist corporate by understanding the nature of business, the risks involved and then offer solutions so as to mitigate the losses and ensure the smooth conduct of business activities. We provide solutions to them in areas like group gratuity, group mediclaim, EDLI (Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme), group term insurance, leave encashment, commercial insurance, industrial insurance and liability insurance.

Every business undertaking is started and operated with the objective of making higher and sustainable profits. But, risk in business is the other side of the coin which every corporate has to face. The risks could be of varied and diverse nature, relating to fire, theft, natural calamity, machinery breakdown,…
Over the last few years, the terms financial planning and personal finance have gained continued importance. Given the macro economic environment, changing lifestyles and inflation, every individual needs to have a financial plan in place to deal and combat the same. It is needed to plan for your children’s education…

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