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Property development is a multi-faceted business, encompassing range of activities like identification and purchase of land parcels, determining the suitability of land and accordingly outlining and executing the project plan across residential, commercial, retail and hospitality segments. Project execution also requires various approvals and financial assistance; which is followed by marketing strategies in getting the right customers.
Markone provides one stop solution to developers. We provide end to end assistance to developers right from the identification of land parcel upto finding the right type of customers.

Our strategy and services to developers across various stages are outlined hereunder:

Identification of land parcel: We understand the needs of developers by seeking answers to questions like

  • What is your budget?
  • Whether you want to go for outright purchase of land or is it a Joint development?
  • What is your project plan? Is it commercial, residential (apartments/villas), retail or plot sale?

Based on the answers to these questions, we provide assistance in locating the appropriate land parcel or property.

Project approvals: Once the property is identified we help in completion of legal formalities, getting approvals and sanctions for the commencement of the project. We also help in getting the project approved by leading financial institutions like SBI, HDFC, LIC, AXIS Bank and others.

Project funding: We provide developers the necessary support in getting the requisite funds to execute the project.

Marketing: Once the project is ready, we help in devising marketing strategies and market the same to the right type of customers.

Customer servicing: The task doesn’t end with marketing and finding the right type of customers. We provide full assistance to customers by servicing them and attend to their needs to ensure they get a satisfying experience with the deal.

We thus provide a complete solution to developers that serve as an advantage to them by reducing their time and effort in dealing with different intermediaries.

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